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- Founded in 2018 -



Equality of opportunity between all genders* in the field of economics.


A more balanced representation and visibility of genders and their diverse backgrounds in the economics profession.


A culture of inclusion in the economics profession. 



  • highlight contributions that women economists of diverse backgrounds have made and continue to make in the study and application of economics globally*.

  • highlight and enhance gender as a topic in economics and other societal contexts.

  • inform and enhance discussions about existing power imbalances, in particular, but not restricted to gender in the field of economics.


  • provide a platform for dialogue on topics related to diversity, gender, inclusion, and economics between economists, stakeholders from academic, public, and private sectors, and the general public.


  • provide networking opportunities globally, in particular also for women economists that lack access to knowledge sharing spaces in their direct work environment.


  • create a network and facilitate cooperation between organizations working on gender, diversity and inclusion in economics.


  • support women economists in their professional and personal development including supporting them to thrive in leadership roles.

  • support individuals to become leaders in working towards a more diverse economics profession and establishing a culture of inclusion.









1.  Explainer "all genders": WiE was originally founded to advance gender equality with a focus on women in the economics profession. Being aware that not all economists identify with a binary gender classification, we have broadened our vision of the role of gender in the profession to include all genders. While most of WiE’s members are women and as a result, WiE’s work towards our vision to a large extent reflects the perspectives of women in economics, we actively aim to include the experiences and needs of non-binary individuals in our work and to support the work of and collaborate with organisations representing non-binary individuals. We also aim to critically reflect on our understanding of gender and related societal changes as our understanding improves as a community.

2. Explainer "globally": WiE is an international organization and our members are spread across the globe. When highlighting contributions, we particularly also aim to enhance voices from the global south.

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